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I did it again 5 Queens wheels on White Rabbit


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@angerfist_760 super congrats angerfist. Again on white rabbit. All 5 queen reels unlocked and in play,

its really nice to see white rabbit showing what it can do. Every spin almost becomes a big win. Gems flying around everywhare as it counts up a winning spin.

The first thing i looked at was your balance before the bonus winnings go onto it and you were sitting at 34.80 dkk playing a 1 dkk stake then boom!

Dream of a bonus pops up. 5 queen reels, 40 spins and a very sweet win of 2880.60 dkk. Balance upto 2915.40 dkk. Beautiful feeling when these things happen angerfist.

Great post, super win, you enjoy your winnings???.

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