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Im so freaking lucky with the big bets :P


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Thanks! I started too play on Betsson in january! So far 390000 euro +( 3,9 mill nok ) on Betsson.  But have too pay some taxses i guess :P  I never have had problems with withdrawels and now i get a 20 % deal evry week  on deposit if im not winning. But have a plan too stop playing now. Try too retire! Not so much more too win. Betsson is the only site i play on. The madness have too stop i guess so will not give all the money back. But i guess i have been an pain in the ass for betsson :P :P 

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10 minutes ago, mbinku said:

Goodness gracious me... and they let you cashout the 80k all at once?

I want to congratulate you but the envy is crippling.

Yeah that have not been an problem on Betsson :) Most i have cashed out is 200000 euro few weeks ago :)

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@Zeitzev congratulations man. They are huge numbers. Massive wins. Fair play to you if you can afford those stakes it has really paid off.

And going by what you have withdrawn from betsson im surprized you havent shut thum down. thats my attempt at humour zeitzev.

Good for you realizing you need and want to take a break from gambling. Have a nice time when you get your winnings.

Thanks for posting up such a monster of a win. Although i do no how severe it can be if it goes the other way and you lose.

Congrats. And enjoy. ???.

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good stuff dude, now keep to your word and close everything down when you have cashed the last withdrawal. such luck is 1 out off 100 00 00 00 00 0 00. it will never happen again before you deplete your bank acc balance.

close everything online casino related, unless you are already NOK millionaire, that money is life changing.

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1 hour ago, Kosmankasa said:

Does it mean that you have depositet NOK 3.9 million from January 1st (Totale nettoinnskudd)?

Nope! Its netto won. I did the Numbers yesterday ? Money deposited on Betsson = 60000 euro 

Money withdrawed = 450000 euro

390000 euro pluss ? 

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This is almost certainly not going to end well I am afraid. You just won too much and you keep depositing large amounts. You already said would take a huge break 2 months ago. Obviously you didn't. Lucky you, that you managed to win further. 


Considering your bet sizes even 400k€ could be gone in one weekend if you tilted. I mean, I do not know your income but telling from your posts a few 100s of thousand Euros do mean something to you, so it's not money that you can easily afford to lose even though it was won and not earned in the first placed. Also, it is your choice what you spend your money on BUT:

Though I do not hope this to happen, if you continue like this that money will be gone very soon. Mate, stop it please. 

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Yeah, I suggest you to stop now since it won't get any better than this. Trust me.

If I had won as much money I would be the happiest person on this planet since I'd be able to pay my debt and finally stop even thinking about gambling. 


I've lost a depressing amount of 19k€ on Wunderino in the past 3 weeks and I've literally almost lost myself over that. I've now finally blocked myself from all casinos I've ever played and I try to stop. Please don't make this mistake like I did. I don't know you but all of us gamblers are alike in a way - we always want more. I couldn't make it, but here's your chance, take it.

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