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Gambling problems

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I'm sitting here thinking about if a should  reveal my secret just a few people know about. It's that I'm suffering from gambling problem it's a sickness that takes up a lot of energy and money, you're chasing all the time on the next win if you lose $ 200 does not matter as long as you win £ 50 this is what a gambler tink about all the time.  i could have travel lot of places but instead I have spent many hours and lose lot on gambling. and you do not care that people want to help you because you think to you sell you dont have a promblem and have everything under control and you want to win and that means everything for someone who's suffering from gambling problems. Just as I'm sitting and writing these things down, I still want to play at online casinos I still think I want to win big. I have never put myself in debt as many have done but it's no excuse is just luck I do not have gambling depts. In one month I used up 20000£ for food games and much else I do not remember but mostly for gaming. So yes I have a big problem. I have to take one day at a time.  I feel a shame like everyone who suffers from something they do not want to say out loud. Is there one out there suffering from the same but feeling a shame and just want one and talk to get in touch with me so we can help each other i do not have all the answers i know a bit about sitting there and sweat and feel bad for money the money was lost that could be used to something else do not be afraid and shout loud i need help this i cant do this alone I not alone...
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Admitting the problem is the first step as the say.

I would close all of your gambling accounts, and get a gambling filter, which blocks all the online casinos from your computer.

Taking one day at a time is probably the best choice for the beginning.

As you don't have any gambling debts yet, it would be very wise to stop now, for good and forever. It will take time. You've build a habit out of gambling, just like you built the habit, it's going to take time to get out of it - > just like with alcohol, drugs, sex or whatever it is that you are addicted to.

Talk to your closest friends, family etc and try to get them to support you. Help from your close ones is extremely important!

We are here for you mate! You still haven't done anything too stupid or indecisive , now is the time to stop!

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