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DOA Today


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@Bronttu brilliant post and dead or alive comes up good big time.

Your 1 st picture is symetrical, exact same positioning of wilds on both sides. On a 0.27 p stake winning 410.76, nice.

Then 5 scatters on your 2 nd picture. Beautiful to see. On a 0.72 p stake winning a cool 1800. Very nice.

Your 3 rd picture on a 1.80 stake winning 1238 is very nice aswel. Nice connection with the riding boots with spurs for 2400 coins on 2 lines.

Its a classic slot D.O.A and always will be. Its insanely volatile. Some of the biggest wins i have seen has come from D.O.A.

its like a little fist fighting the volatility of the BTG slots and its holding its corner very well. ( thats just me thinking out loud )

Overall great post, enjoy your winnings.???.

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