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1200X BASE game win on extra chilli!!!

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thnx guys, i know would of been sick, it was more crazy the way it came in as at start of spin there was no purple chillies on 2nd and 3rd row, it cascaded 3 times!! unreal

got it on video but not sure how to post it.... can i get it onto community biggest wins series videos????

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@burhan.k well done on your win and thanks for posting it up. Extra chilli is popular at the moment and this is another super win to comment on.

Its more impressive because it dropped in the base game. A few cascades as you say but it still dropped in.

Top symbol with a connection right across on a 60 p stake winning £733 is a wonderful win.

I think you have max megaways aswel 117649 which is nice to see. Your balance down at £41.50 this win came at a good time.

Overall congrats, good post and enjoy your winnings.???.

I can see you have just joined casinogrounds. I hope you enjoy all the site has to offer, welcome?.

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That's a mega nice photo Burhan whilst browsing the 1000 x section !! And super mega rare! Im unsure if anyone yet took a video or photo of that many purple chilles! Nice to see the screen shot. Alot of people miss it when it happens so fast! That's a massive win on your stake. Would have been ground breaking on the bonus rounds! I prefer bonanza as you don't have to gamble the bonus rounds & lose bonuses.

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No sorry still cannot do it.

I recorded it on OBS but just dont know how to sort of burn it into a different file, I think the video is too large when originally recorded, Needs to be changed to a different sort.If anybody knows how to do this i would appreciate if you teach me. Thank you and sorry to spam the thread with this.

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