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@ApeX well done on a very nice win. Extra chilli i would say is quite popular at the moment.

I can see you are playing a heavy stake in 20 euro's a spin or 1000 euro buy in bonuses and It has turned out a cracking result, just curious how many spins you had + the level you got the multiplyer to ?

( the gamble really is the most dangerous part of extra chilli ).Especially buying. I am just adding this in as side note because big stakes can lead to big losses. And you are playing big stakes. 

Its just a cautionary note in my comment because here at casinogrounds wee try and look out for players because wee no how brutal slots can be.

On the other hand they can pay absaloute lumps of money. Also if your comfortable at the stake your at then good luck.

Its a really sweet bonus you have hit paying 5718 euro's. Extra chilli is a volatile slot/game and its a good addition to the BTG slots. Overall congratulations, good post and enjoy your winnings???

I can see you have just recently joined casinogrounds, i hope you enjoy all the site has to offer. Welcome?.

I ment no disrespect in saying you are playing a heavy stake. If you are comfortable at that level thats great.

Extra chilli with the gamble especially can really play games with the head. I heard a player had 11 losses in a row on the gamble. If your buying thats very expensive.

Sorry for the long comment and well done again on your win.?.

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