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2 good hits i got today after having a couple of dry weeks


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452x on The Falcon Huntress (love this game) 0.5€ bet size winning 226€

600x on Guns N’ Roses (don’t have a screenshot because i was shocked and cashed out the second i got it, regretting not screenshotting it now) 1€ bet size winning 600€



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@Paulieee congrats on both your wins paulieee, the falcon huntress is a very popular game/slot and it can pay crazy money if it goes in the bonus.

Thats a nice win of 226 euro for a 0.50 euro bet so well done thare.

And on guns N' Roses winning 600 euro for a 1 euro bet size thats a sweet hit. Overall looks like you had a good day paulieee.

Dont see guns N' Roses at all and this will be my first comment on a win from it.

Overall well done on both your wins, thanks for posting it up. Enjoy your winnings paulieee???.

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