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Extra chili scam game


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Spent 18000 euro on buying bonus on 4-5euro bet. Total first spin attempt suceeded 3..... 0 sucessful attempts on 16 free game spins. Now i know some people often streamers Will Say something like , bl.a. bl.a. chance is odds are and so forth.

but truth is thats fucked up unnormal, and all this on Leo vegas , two days spent trying out extra chili on Leo vegas, this is a scam game. Only streamers win on online casinos. Wonder why, bl.a. bl.a. its due to big bonusen they Will Say... yeah right..

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You spent 18000 euros on a slot buying features and then gambling them for more spins each time?

I think you either need a long break from gambling or you need to self exclude as that isn’t very sensible even if you can afford to do so.

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I don't believe it's a scam game as you describe, however, the amount of people screaming foul over the wheel gamble makes me believe that the actual gamble is not representative of the odds displayed on the wheel i.e. 50% for the 1st wheel etc.

I've never seen anyone get three consecutive back to back 24 spins but I have seen 11 straight losses in a row.

I personally won't play the game again. The wheel losses are unbearable but mandatory as 8 spins just isn't cutting it.




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Well im not a streamer and i deposited 30 euro 2 Days ago and played them up to 2 k euro on 1h, so some ppl got luck and some dont. dont blame the casion! the Money you put in to them is already lost, and if you win you just got lucky that time. i know all the big streamers are awere and have that mind set and ive seen then rip some  big bullets and sometimes win some sick DING DING DING wins!

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I'm minded to believe this is true - here is a quote from BTG on an unrelated thread / unrelated forum:-


We would like to confirm that the make up of the wheel does indeed reflect the true value RTP. 
This would be a compliance issue (if we were not to display this) in Canada where we license games to the British Columbian Lottery and Lotto Quebec.

Another compliance ruling in Extra Chilli is The Danish Gambling Authority along with other jurisdictional authorities, stipulated that we state the best strategy in the help, which in this case is to Gamble with the wheel. However, you need to remember that the difference is as small increase in RTP and if you collect 8 consistently the RTP is 96.15% it's just less volatile. Whether you lose or win on the wheel the RTP remains the same, long term.

The Wheel

The first spin is 50/50 and all proceeding gambles are 60/40 odds on.
However on subsequent gambles the odds diminish to roughly a 1 in 10 chance of getting to 24 from 8.

0.5 x 0.6 x 0.6 x 0.6 = 0.108 or 1 in 10

With a natural scatter +4 it's 1 in 5 etc...
You can work out the others by adding/removing the wheel progressions. 

The principle of the gamble is for players to push up the games volatility or not. A great deal of criticism in the Bonanza thread, was more often than not to do with the free spin frequency, where individuals stated they would like to see the feature more and wouldn't mind if it paid less (I'll have a look for the exact quote later). We have delivered the latter but we have also offered players something new, an option to raise the stakes and play a higher volatility bonus game or not.

With Extra Chilli you have a great deal more options and comparing it to Bonanza is a little bit like comparing apples and oranges. It's like comparing Rainbow Riches to Dead or Alive because that are both 3x5.

Just for the sake of argument, this morning, I donned my tin foil hat, flipped a coin ten times over 20 sessions to see how many it took to get a result of 5 heads/5 tails... after 20 groups of 10 I gave up trying realising that the coin was indeed rigged!

My last 4 results...

17) 1121211111 - 80% Heads
18) 1121212222 - 60% Heads (closest)
19) 1222222222 - 10% Heads
20) 1111211122 - 70% Heads - gave up!

However if you look at the bold section between 19 and 20 - I achieved 50/50 - just not during my set sessions. 

As always, happy to answer any other questions.

Big Time Gaming official

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I think it's wrong to treat this slot like white rabbit with the bonus buys. On white rabbit, you can chip in pretty much your whole balance or at least 50% of it and then hope for it to do it's magic. But on extra chilli, if you wanna gamble all the way you should only play a very small portion of your balance (5% or so). It's so god damn hard to get to that max spins. I'd rather buy a bigger one and not gamble it that far, if gambling it at all.

Rtp nerds will say "but the best rtp is to gamble all the way!" yeah well go ahead do your 10 billion spins then.

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I play extra chilli all the time and YES it can be unforgiving, I just take what ever spins it gives me and rarely gamble.

I have had my biggest wins with 8 free spins.

Get 16 or 20 i bet there is 8 dead spins in those 70% of the time.

If its gonna pay its gonna pay.

Sorry to here about your loss, That is a lot of money.

Also my friend if you think ( STREAMERS ) play a lot lot more than us they can stream all day sometimes. So all day 6 or 7 days a week there bound to hit some monster wins or come across some sort of rare occurrence.

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