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Low rollling bonanza first ever gold +5


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@Azzablags well done and congrats on your win. I enjoyed the video to. I could see your balance was at £1.10 and you were just playing 0.20 p spins. Came at a really nice time the bonus.

Firstly getting your first +5 which helps alot giving a start of 17 spins. It was spin 7 im sure got you going with a nice connection right across on aces for £110 odd.

Then spin 12 a retrigger came along. Pushing your total spins upto 22. I thought it did really well getting up to x29 on the multiplyer. Thats big on bonanza.

A few server connections broken but got thare in the end winning a very nice £251.49.

Overall on a 20 p stake really well done. Thanks for posting it up, i can see its your 1 st post. Enjoy your winnings???.

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