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Tribute to Craig Smith


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Whenever I visit this forum to check out some big wins, in every single post there is a comment from Craig Smith. Not just a "wow, nice win" comment, but a novel size post explaining the win in depth and how amazing it is to have won it.

Craig Smith should work as a motivational speaker or work at a hospital to cheer people up. 

People like Craig Smith makes people feel welcome and he appreciates all bet sizes and wins. What a nice guy.

So to you Craig smith, you are awesome. Keep on being Craig smith!

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@Kimdk87 thankyou very much kim. Your kind words are appreciated. I live a very quiet life, i have chronic anxiety and only have a couple of friends.

Im a very inward type of person. Not an extrovert. I enjoy peace. I live a day to day life with medication and i recieve support, not everyday though. Or it would suffocate me.

I have always had a general love of the gambling area. Slots, roulette, im not really into horse betting, do the football occasionally and the odd greyhound but generally casino is my thing.

Slots and roulette. I only play very occasionally. I was a mod on a streamers site but found casinogrounds round about the start of feb and signed up on the 11 th 2018.

Since then i have really taken to commenting on peoples wins. I love seeing people win and i believe that if people go to the trouble to post up there wins they deserve a nice comment whatever the stake/win.

I sometimes find it hard to get round everybody but i try. By feedback i get, people i do believe appreciate my commenting on there wins. 

I am actually quite a shy person and i guess thats just me. I will continue to comment for as long as i am able to and i really have found something in casinogrounds that i am ok at. Its great to see people win.

And again kim thankyou for you kind comment. I ran out of hearts this morning, used up my daily allowance or i would drop a heart on your comment. Thankyou. 

Craig smith.

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