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Moon Princess 2 BIG wins


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@bigslotwins well done on your wins. 2 beautys aswel. Moon princess is hot at the moment. Ive commented on quite a few wins just recently.

Your top picture is a cracker on a 4 euro stake going all the way to x20 multiplyer winning 2142 euro, nice. And your 2nd picture on the same stake 4 euro all the way to x20 multiplyer winning 634 euro. Two very nice wins.

Its good fun when moon princess is playing well and its a hot slot/game right now.

Overall congrats, well done, good post and enjoy your winnings???.

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@bigslotwins my apologies about 2 mistakes. I dont make them often but i have here. Yes i can see now your second win is £2673, and its pounds not euro.

I will say again brilliant wins. That 2 nd win is huge.  Super congrats. 2142 and 2673 both on a 4 pound stake, x20 multiplyer. Man there good wins. Round about 4800 pounds.

Quite right waiting to see if the casino paid. I hope they did. Should be no reason for them not to.

Overall my apologies for the first comment and you enjoy your winnings. Thanks for pointing out my mistake???

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