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Bonus for indicating casino bugs, possible?


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Due to the fact that I am a web application programmer with considerable experience and at the same time a player in online casinos as much as possible (there is no hack here) only help browsers and plugins I am looking for various errors and options on:

1. adding a bonus
2. change of account balance
3. inclusion fs at any time
4. other possibilities that can bring benefits

I will not write here in what casino what and how can be done and a few bugs have already been found in various casinos I tested and so far no account has been blocked so that according to me there was no action detected by the casino.

Is it worth writing to them that there was some mistake in exchange for some bonuses or is it a risky play?

What is your opinion?

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I can't imagine casinos will reward you for this. Firstly it might encourage others to probe their systems in the hope of gaining bounty money. I suspect casinos would much prefer you didn't do things like that. Secondly, you are not planning to use these bugs or share them for personal gain so why pay you something for bringing it to their attention.... because they are nice people?

I would approach this differently. Under the auspices of cyber I would approach them offering pen test services using your discovered bugs as a carrot to your stick. That way you are being paid to perform a professional service which is a much more straight forward proposition.

Good luck

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I think most casinos would appreciate if you inform them of any errors in their system. A while back i found a bug in a casino's freespin award system, where i could get the freespins on both mobile and desktop version. first i got them on desktop, then logget into mobile versjon and claimed them over again. I informed them and they were greatfull. Didnt get any reward, but at least i kept my winnings from the double amount of freespins i already used :)

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