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Mega Win in Danger! High Voltage!


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@Huggehugg well hugster, could have been epic. Just a taco on one of those first 2 columns of wilds. Retrigger and it would have been in the 1000 x area.

But first off sorry to hear you ripped hugge, stick in thare man, as casinolabbatos says your luck will turn.

Your balance when the video starts it feels like your just running it down.

261 sek, Bonus lands, gates, great set up although a wild on the 5 th would have helped to connect right accross.

8 wilds it was, shame about that retrigger hugge. The win got you back in the game 3071 sek. About 307 euro.

Overall i enjoy watching the video from DHV.  Good video hugge, shame about the rip.???.

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