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Live Blackjack Cheating Scandal


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Ok.... So that being said... There is so much more to it than just a card switch... The casino obviously knows the exact sequence and positioning of each and every card in the deck. If one casino can do it, then they are all capable of doing it. The regulations and supervision of gaming needs an overhaul. When I first started gambling, I almost did it with a leap of faith that this kind of scamming was not occurring. Sucks to see proof of exactly that. I don't like it when my faith is taken advantage of, as I'm sure none of you are.


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Would not surprice me even if casinos under the bigger providers was doing the same. It's moore up to the casinos then the providers if they cheat or not? Providers still get their money and probably wont be controlling if the casinos are cheating. Unless someone gets caught...

A casino exist only to make money not give money :P

Providers only exist to get money. They only take actions when something can damage their brand.

I would like roulettetables to be inspected because sometimes the ball break all laws of physics.


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1. They seem to know the card seq.

2. The author of this upload also speaks about mirrors, green screen, that makes me very concerned. If what u see isnt the true then its very upsetting.

3. If this is made of USA, South americas biggest live dealer provider, you think this is not happening in netent , evolution gaming? Netent use green screen, evolution i dont think uses it. 

4. if they can rig black jack, how easy isnt to rig, slot, roulette???

this clearly exposé What ive been saying all along, casinos are rigged.

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