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Slotsmillion.com anyone else have problems getting their withdrawal approved?


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Hey guys!


On April 30th i made withdrawal request, 3 days after that i received email that money is on my way. When i checked on the site banking history, status of payment says "validated". Customer support said that it means that they have not yet sent funds to payment processor. A week has passed and nothing is changed. Support says that my withdrawal is in the line beeing processed by finance department. I wonder how freaking long line it must be? Before that my withdrawals where processed smoothly, in couple of days money was in my bank. 

Anyone else is having problems getting their withdrawal from Slotsmillion?

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9 minutes ago, Miiw said:

Also the amount of the withdrawal could have something to do with it. 

Is this withdrawal that you've made now, considerably bigger than your previous withdrawals?

No, it's roughly the same amount as previous. 450 euros.

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Slotsmillion have always paid me quickly once verified and unlike a lot of casinos actually lock your account for deposits until you verify.


The only time a withdrawal got cancelled was when I hit a big win early on a bonus allowing me to forfeit and withdrew and they asked me to cancel and turn over my deposit twice which was fair enough. 

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