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Afternoon all!

Ok, so my new blog/website CasinoDrop is now live!

The site will be a regularly  updated blog of my online casino playing shenanigans as well as a host of other stuff like reviews and links to anything online that I think might be useful for players and streamers. 

The site is small at the moment, with only a few items of content, but if you like whats there already and want to see more feel free to subscribe on the site for regular updates. there might be visual changes over the coming months as I try and get the site more streamlined and looking nicer.

If you want to get in touch with any suggestions of content you want to see in terms of reviews or blogs of me playing certain slots then please get in contact via email or leave a comment on the site!

so head over to CasinoDrop and check it out!

Whilst i'm here, a missive shout out to the guys at CG for helping me getting this up and running, Kim, Rick, Drew, Andreas, Iztok, massive thank you all for your help and support! couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks everyone, hope to see you there!

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i haven't had  a lot of time to do any posts recently I've also taken a break due to really bad loses. But i'm back at it. and I've just uploaded a new blog post Called "Time to Grow"

i recently watched a video on YouTube which gives probably the best advice i've come across on gambling and how to play smarter and wiser. If your interested check my blog post out and please subscribe to the blog.

Thanks everyone

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