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Extra chilli highest stake, max spins


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1 hour ago, Mwright1712 said:

u asked I answered what's the problem, didnt know it was breaking the law or rules, I'm hardly the only person and I didnt bull s when asked did I !

You didn't say it was 'practice mode' in the title and I think posts like yours are misleading. I want to see 'real' wins as anybody can just go on practice mode and spin until it gives a big win. It would be fitting if a moderator could remove this post for being misleading or force posters to say that its not a real win in the title.

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@Mwright1712 its a nice win and your right that it is suicide betting those stakes unless you are rich and can stand the big losses.

What i would say is if this is demo money or free play money next time add that to the title of your post. It will help for people seeing and reading about your win.

How nice would it be if it was your own money.  I dont think i would be able to sleep right. I would be buzzing.

Take it easy Mwright. And next time if its demo money put it in the title. Thanks man??.

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