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Very nice hit on this, a couple more wilds and it would have been huge.

Got lots more videos to upload and am going to start regularly live streaming too so if you wouldn't mind giving my videos a thumbs up or subscribing on youtube that would be awesome. Thanks


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@bigslotwins congrats on your win, 1170 pound bonus. You were playing a good stake in £4.

The first two spins set it up for you giving you the connection right accross. That 2 nd spin whare 3 jacks dropped was a beauty.

Its a shame the jacks didn't keep coming but in the end it was a good bonus, enjoyable video aswel.

I could hear you saying you were down to 300 pounds at one point. So yes its a great recovery aswel. Back up at 2 k.

Good luck to you when you live stream, i hope the slot gods are kind. Thanks for posting this up.???.

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