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Chasing Withdrawals ?


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Evening All, 

I would like to talk you through my experience with a certain casino that will remain nameless, as I’m not one to name and shame however I could do with a bit of advice.

To start off from the beginning i was lucky enough to get a big win on the slot Tiki Tumble, i got in contact with one of the support staff on the site on the day of my big win and asked them if they were able to lock my account temporarily until the funds came through, they had no problem with this and closed my account for 24 hours as they were adamant my funds would be paid by then. 
The next day (Friday 27th April) I went onto my account and noticed only 5.6k of my 15.7k had been approved, I went on to the live chat tool and as I happened to get in touch with the same support staff member, he told me he had made a mistake and I was only allowed to withdraw a maximum of 10k a week. I thought that was fair enough (even though terms and conditions said 5k a day) I then asked them to temporarily lock my account for a week and they did this for me.
The next day £100 got approved so that took my withdrawal total to 5.7k on Saturday 28th April.
A week passes by since my first 5.6k withdrawal (it’s now Friday 4th May) as I had only had one small withdrawal of £100 within that weekly timeframe i was expecting 5k to get approved on this day. They got in touch with the payments team and then confirmed both payments will get approved the next day. 
(Saturday 5th May) i have now had no withdrawal approved for a week. I get in touch with them again and they confirm my money is on its way via email, I then realise only 5k is on its way, which leaves 5k yet to be approved. I contact support staff again and they inform me that only 5k has been approved and that I would be over the weekly withdrawal limit by 1.7k if both got approved, but he will send an email to see if they can still authorise it. This didn’t make sense to me as the 5k withdrawal was the only withdrawal made in that weekly period. 
It’s now the evening of Sunday 6th May and I have not heard a single word from their payments team, even after various attempts live chat have made of asking them to give me an answer, they will not give me any explanation.  
This site claims to turn around withdrawals within 24 hours, I know it’s only a day late but to not even be provided with an update i feel is dissapointing service.
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If you are playing at any of the sites listed here I recommend you to reach out to either of the administrators with the brand and hopefully they can be assistance of help moving it forward as soon as possible.

Congratulations on your win!

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