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2x Megadegenerate Wins High Bets Elements


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to follow up a recap of the whole session. (300 is my daily personal deposit limit on many sites)

went codeta 300 deposit -lost

went to mr.smith 300 deposit - lost

went to slotty vegas deposit 500 lost

----- sad day

went to happy hugo deposited 500, went to 2,5k, lost all, redeposit 600 and then the huge wins came in to save the day... insta withrawal and 24j account block to safeguard the winnings (have burned myself too often when reversing withdrawals)


now back to normal stakes for a while, Cheers

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i noticed when u have a long down session it is worth to reattempt with high bets, somehow the slot/provider remembers...

i know ppl will challenge that, and say slots a random... well, i have witnessed so often that lets say you are 1k down the slots eventually will give you a win 800-1200... the art is to take the 200 win or 200 loss and fight another day... 

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