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Hi Everyone! 

Some of you have already read the small introduction I posted here about 8 months ago, as a casino streamer in general. Much has happened since that and today I am proud to say that I´ve just become one of Casinogrounds regular streamers, and with that, a proper introduction feels in place. So here we go again!

My ID says that I´m 29, but I´m pretty sure I´ve been 20 years old for the last 9 years. I was born in Czech Republic but grew up in Sweden, and nowadays, I live in Malta. I moved here with my girlfriend two years ago in hopes of finding a job where I can make a good living doing something I enjoy. That for me would be casino/slots, including the business part of the side as well as different psychological aspects etc . I started out working at JoyCasino/Casino-X and shortly after moved on to work with Casumo, which was a little bit of a dream coming true, since it meant working with one of the absolutely best casinos on that market. At both those places I was doing general support-line of work, I´m pretty sure I´ve been in contact with lots of you even if neither of us is aware of it ;) 

At the beginning of last summer I decided to start streaming, I really wanted to give it a try and I felt this was something that would suit me well. I got off to a great start but was a bit naive and optimistic, ending up getting ripped of by a casino I was working really hard to represent the best way I could.
Streaming is *****-expensive, I´ll tell you that if you haven´t figured already. Then not getting paid the occasional winnings that occur nor commission for the viewers who decided to try the casino out is lethal to your economy, it was the end of my "streaming-project" and not far from the end of entire Malta-Experience. 

I learned a few things from this experience, many important lessons, but also how much I love to be streaming, being sourrunded by people who share the same interests, having my losses comforted and positive feelings from winnings enhanced by others. It is amazing and quickly becomes more than just about slots,it´s the beauty of sharing. We just call it streaming instead :)
I worked hard to get back on my feet and saved up some money to once again start streaming. And now I´m finally back! Since December I have streamed on average 5 times/week for a total of 380 hours. I am sure most of you have seen me and if not, I hope you´ll enjoy the stream if you decide to visit me and my loyal minions :) 
We will have lots of fun, no drama, and some deep serious talk from time to time. With just a little touch of some intelligent(or not) trolling from time to time, the atmosphere in the channel is absolutely perfect and probably the best part of the the stream. Like my favourite memory from stream so far, is definitly that time I fall asleep while streaming!  What was going on in the chat while the sofa made a sick €1.3k comeback in BoD was absolutely amazing ! :D

I went a bit too hard during the start of this month and had to lower my activity over the last week, but from Tuesday onwards we are back in regular action five times a week strictly sticking to schedule (check casinomon.net/ )

Hopefully I´ll see you at one or two of those days. May the slot gods always be with you!


---------------------------------- Short Version------------------------------------

1. Streamed May-June 2016
2. Got ripped off
3. Went super-rip
4. Comeback Dec 2016
5. Streaming 5 times / week 
6. Friggin love slots 
7. Go to -> Casinomon.net (Twitch & Youtube)


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@Patriotic Scot I know buddy, there is some great action going on but I tried to make a schedule so that I fill as many "gaps" as possible. Sunday nights if nothing else should be rather low activity as well as tuesday daytime I hope :) Or else we´ll just have to find a way to make it work! Nice to see you again buddy 

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Hope I didn´t overshare :D Proactively answering questions I guess hehe. Thanks everyone, and @NudgeShuffle , really appreciate it buddy , hope it gives you some fun or nice winnings ;)

Today went kinda bad, no big wins to increase starting balance, but quite a few nice comebacks. Tomorrows stream is definitly holding bigger wins for us!


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