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Wms slots broken! Mega wins!


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Hey guys 

As you know from last big win post I am gonna start streaming soon on twitch once I have got big enough balance and I am pretty much thier after these great hits all on wms slots,

I hit all these in an hour period into Sunday morning, I started with only 100 balance, And before I even hit any over 200x bonus, I had balance up to nearly £300.

first was this on montezuma ? Nearly 250x


Then after going on cash stampede, I went to rhino and after a few raises and 4 bonus guarantee I hit these 2 in same bonus ?






Now I now £5.20 high bet I rarely go that high but was going to cashout £500, but with getting 4 bonus guarantee in 50-60 spins and how wms slots played all night just had feeling thier was a big win in thier and thier was!

So after that £2500 cashout n over £1000 left to play with this week happy days! ?

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Wow, awesome run mate.... you've got to love it when you have a day like that...

1 hour ago, David Labowsky said:

So you're the one that keeps emptying our WMS games? >:(

Haha Nice hits man! It ain't easy to tame these bad boys. Grats on doing it! :D

David... I knew there was someone out there stealing all our WMS pennies.... at least we've found him now and give him a pat on the back ;)

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