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2376x the bananas


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Fellow degenerates,

Had to come on and share this one. While I was playing queen of riches (cause Kim, you always say it has huge potential) I was wondering whether it was possible to get the wilds when the reels expanded. Few minutes later (and with 40eu left) I hit this beast on 60 cent stake. 


queen of riches fudger.png

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@krelisss congrats on your win krelisss, lovely picture all those wilds. Its nice you managed to hit a pyramid on reel 1, top symbol which would really boost it up big time. 

Just over 1400 euro win, yes queen of riches strikes again, even sweeter is the fact your balance was down at 40 odd euro left then bang! This beauty arrives, 

And yes kim is right this game/slot is laiden with huge win possibilities. Good post and you enjoy your winnings krelisss???.

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