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Zeus 3 Crazy Session


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For all of those people who have seen me on Kims stream, they know that I am quitting casinos, at least trying.
Over the last year or so, I have only played Zeus 3 basically. Some DOA and Jurassic Park but 90%+ on Zeus 3. 
I never got 5 scatters but several 4 scatters. Ironically enough 4 scatters aka 25 free spins always paid me garbage, no matter what stake. 

I almost never play Zeus 3 with lower bet than 10 euro. 
I prefer 20-30 euro bets but in this story, the bet-size reach noose-bleed even for me so continue to read.  

Anyway, from being a player at 20-25 casinos I have blocked myself on like 20 of them, and my main goal in 2017 is to quit casinos totally and save money for more useful stuff. Over the years I had some sick wins but also many loosing sessions which of course isn't much to show off. 

I thought I would share what happened a few dags ago, while deciding to close my nordicbet account. 

Obviously I have been a VIP player at many sites, and I thought I would ask for a loyalty bonus before closure of account, like why not? 
Haven't played much at nordicbet though but I was down a few thousand swedish kronor the last week and they therefore gave me 300 sek, around 30€ to play with. 

It had to be wagered 6 times at odds or 35 times at casino. I was betting on Junior World Championship in hockey and after wager I had around 130€. 
It was so close that I failed the wagering, a goal was scored with like 1 minute to go in a period which I had an overbet on so this wouldn't happen without that goal. 

So here goes my crazy night session, playing Zeus 3. You can see the time in the printscreens, the balance do wary because I cashed out parts and continued to play on with a small amount. Everything was played on cellphone. 

130€, heading for Zeus 3. 

With such a small amount, I started playing 2.4€ bets and luckily enough I got free spins instantly. 
I thought, hey. A usual 10-20x win at least gives me 24-48€ added on the balance so that's a nice start. 

And just when I was pouring a cup of coffee this shows up at 20 minutes past midnight. 

Are you serious? Of course I was crazy happy but after I while I was like. 
Why the hell didn't this come while betting 10-30 euro? 

Anyway, sick win and first time ever I get full screen Zeus after seriously hundreds of thousands of spins. 
Super-rare hit obv. 

So I did some cashout, thought about what I would do, cash it all out and quit? 
That is not the SlotsandSquats way to do it. I am to much a degenerate to make a healthy decision. ;)

 So I cashed out parts of the balance and returned to Zeus 3 a while later. 

At 01.31 this hit on a 15 euro bet. 2.400 euro added to the balance which makes it a decent 160x win. 

At 01.49 I got 4 scatters and won 30x. That's bull if you ask me. Instant sad and angry face when it was on a 26€ bet which is pretty high. 

At 01.53. Only 4 minutes after the 4 scatter fiasco I got this hit. Same bet-size, 26€. A nice 75x win in the base game. 
Just awfully sad the the Zeus on line 4 wasn't complete which would have made this a huge mega win. 

At 02.42 I got a decent win again, 4.300€ win on a 30€ bet. 143x the bet. 

Then it happened, at 03.46 I got the sickest win I ever had in Zeus. When looking at money. Not times the bet. 
A whopping 27.500€ win on a 50€ bet. 

Balance was now with money already on cashout over 50k euro from 30€ free loyalty money. 
Seriously, sick and totally stunned. 

Balance at 03.50 with an active big bet on hockey. 

I now again thought what I would do, the smart way obv to cashout everything and laugh. 
But I couldn't sleep, who could after this? 

So at around 05 in the morning I returned to Zeus 3 and at 05.18 I hit this decent win, paying 3.700€ on a 80€ bet. 
Now we are really up at noose-bleed. I have never played Zeus 3 before with 80€ bets so even for me, this is high. 
And I warn you. Money can go down so quickly you don't even have the time to say the word: Gone! ;)
So beware at these stakes. 

05.30, 12 minutes after the hit above I hit a 100X win, also on 80€ bet. 

And then I went up and down, cancel withdrawals which is so stupid. But one never learns, I have lack of character and disciplin indeed. When you gamble in the night, It's like betting while drunk. You can't think clearly and stupid decisions is just around the corner. 

05.56, 80€ bet and 6.000€ win. 

Played some more but was just loosing now so decided to quit with around 47.500€ and put it all on cash-out. 

Nordicbet decided to play dirty with this cashout and hold it for a long time, I hate when casinos do this. It's obvius they do it for large amounts. Seen it way to many times. I know they have to inspect large cashouts more but no, It shouldn't take this much time as it took. 
And while also lacking the character I thought the next day. Let's cancel and take 2.500€ to bet on sports, then another 2.5k, then 5.000€ and after loosing 12.500€ of my initial 47.500€ I saw where this was leading, straight to 0 so I put 35.000€ on cash-out and blocked myself from entering the account for 2 days. 

Anyway. Really happy especially since this was free money. 30€ from nordicbets money, turned into 35.000€ and now I reduced my overall losses in gambling. 
Still down a lot thought so I don't recommend anyone to starting gambling, especially not casinos. 

After all it's just money, it will always come and go. 
The highest amount I reached during this 6-7 hour session was around 53.000€ but I was obv going for the million when going bananas on 80€ stakes. 
When you have the result in your hands is obvius I should have stopped at 53.000€ but hard to know when on a roll and going for it. 


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33 minutes ago, Skylined87 said:

Holy shit! That's insane, looking at these screenshots and all of it from 30€. Well done sir!! What were your usual bullets for a session? 

Some times you win, but mostly you loose. Anyway you still get chills when these wins occur. 
I was freaking out when that 27.500€ hit showed up, but couldn't scream due to respect of other people in the house. 
So I was like whispering, ship it, ship it! Screen was filled with ships during freespins, not fullscreen but a lot. 

My usual bullets for a session could wary a lot.
Usually when I have a good sports or casino-session I think, lets cashout this nice even amount and then go bonkers with the rest. 
Say, 10k euro cashout, still 1.100 euro to play crazy with but when I deposit to a site where no money is and my plan is the casino then the bullets usually wary from anything between 100 euro to 1.500 euro. 
I always go hard or go home, let's say I start with 1.000 euro then I will go with 20-30 euro spins from the start. 
When starting with a low 100 euro I usually go for like 8 euro spins or so and hope for a great win within the first couple of rounds.

I rather bet big for a few spins and hope for a big win or freespins instantly instead of just sitting and playing small stakes. 

Hard to actually go back to play to "normal 10-30 euro" spins now when I was betting 50-80€ but to be fair, 80€ bets is nuts. 

But imagine full screen wilds on 80€ bet. That would be something. :D

25 minutes ago, Nicola said:

Some impressive hits there on Zeus III. Congrats :)


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