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Book of Dead nearly gave me a heartattack ?


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Played Book of Dead today for 1 hour at 10sek 1.0 Coin and got 3 Books 7 Times, 4 books 3 Times! 

Bonus payed shit, like 64sek, 240sek and so on. Best was 870sek.

Later I played again and won more at the bonus but no huge amounts, money back most. Rick was really annoying me tho with a few 4 in a row, no 5 just to piss me off really good! :/ 

It worked I Got really pissed and cranked the coin value upp to max 20, 200sek spins. Hit 3 books and Rick Wild. My feeling then was PLEASE hit big once in My life, pulse at like 200 at this point haha...  but as Always Rick let me down :( 

Still a great win on this bonus but the potential! It could have made me rich :) 





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1 hour ago, LetsGiveItASpin said:

Those hits are insane mate, can't stop thinking about how 5 Ricks would give you a fricking million. Still a sick rush, you should really cash out and do something fun with the money.

If 5 Rick has showed up I would have died :D Was so nervous! 

After the bonus 5 Rick did show on screen, just to piss me off allittle more ?

Got a Wildline at Cazino Zeppelin after that for the first time. Didnt pay huge but 7500sek. Ended with 44.000sek so cashed out 40 ??

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