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Problem with the slot Medusa II


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Hi , 

The 29th of december 2016  I've decided to play Medusa 2. I got the bonus and on one of the last spins I hit 5 scatters ! Sadly, the slot gave me only the 5 retrigger spins but not the 250x that this combination have to pay ! Like you can see, I immediatly took a screen shot at the end of the bonus round, and opened a live chat . The ticket was raised to the technical team and yesterday I had an answer : " We re sorry but  the slot paid you correctly ! We got the details from the providers and no mistake are shown "  

I immediatly asked for the provider mail or phone and obviously the operator is not allowed to do that . Instead he offer me to raise the ticket again to review it a second time . I have no news at the moment but tomorow I will ask to the technical departement again and see .... 

Unfortunatly I was not fast enough to take a screenschot of the 5 scatters . The slot were too fast. But I did take a creen with the final amount the bonus paid me and you can see a bit of the conversation with the operator

All this happened on Rizk casino but I don't blame them ! I'm just upset that the provider did not gave to them the logs with the exact winning spin ! So far, I know that 5 scatters during the bonus round must pay the same as if you hit that on the base game ! 

I write this post here because I think this is really not fair and David Labowsky gave me this advice . If you guys are able to do something to help me it would be much appreciated . 


Happy new year and I wish you all the best for 2017 ! 




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Hey !  

Thanks for your quick answer and for the welcome !  So, english is not my main language but what I can read here  is " Scatter wins multiplied by the bet " 5 scatters wins is 250 multiplied by the bet ( my bet was 0.50 ) so 250*0.50€ = 125€ ?  

But I have to admit  .. 3 scatters is 50 ... so 25€ for a 0.50€ bet .... seems high...  

I don't understand what this 250 means if not the x 


PS (5 min after I wrote the begining of the post) : ok .... the bet is not the total bet but the line bet ... so 250*0.02€ = 5€ .... Damn I feel bad ... Thank you very much !



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