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Thoughts of how to play after a big win or a good streak


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Usually you know when you hit a cold streak. A few sessions after big win should tell you if your streak is over or not - e.g. deposit 50, get 10mins playtime to get to 0. Repeat deposit next day or same day, same thing happens. Then you try again. And again. Probably best to set some loss limit over course of days or just have a gambling budget for a week or month and stick to it so you can't do much damage...

Last year I've been on hot streak for 3-4 months, even if few deposits vanished I usually made everything back + lots of profit + left balance to play with. This year however it's massive cold streak with occasional lights of hope, but overall I'd say it has been a brutal year.

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There's not really any such thing as a hot or cold streak it's just that slot machines are so much about the big hits and bonuses that if you manage to get enough of those close enough together then you will win and it feels hot . Whereas if you don't then it feels cold . Not saying these streaks don't happen but just because they've happened so far doesn't mean they will continue happening . The mind just likes to make patterns out of events .

It's like in poker you can be running so bad and then run good and then be running ok and really each hand that comes up is a new hand so it's not like you can say oh well I'm running bad at the moment so I will probably lose this .. but it definitely feels that way sometimes where you just lose every hand or you can't put a foot wrong


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realagentbearrrrr is correct in that hot and cold streaks are not a programmed outcome of any random slot. Of course they do happen but that's just random being random.

In response to the original question I think the art of beating slots is discipline so withdraw and play as normal is probably the best answer.

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