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Andy Fox

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Hello was just wondering if anybody got any experience what so ever from this casino? Heard so much about then threads being created all over the internet.


So story goes like this I played on this casino did not use any bonus. Won a small sum and tried withdraw directly i get a message i need to send in documentation as normal.


So send in dokumentation 23rd wait 48 hour without any reply what so ever not even that they got them.


I keep playing depositing and win a pretty nice win still no bonuses used.


So I contact the casino the 25th and the support tells me its done actually and my id pictures where to blury. I tought okay and sent in crystal clear images with perfect lightning.


That took them 48hours.


They claim verification takes between 48-72 hours. Up to 72 hours.


The 27th I contact the support.again after another 48 hours have passed just to ask. And they say soon we dont know.


The 28th I ask again when the 72 hours have passed and i get a happy fella telling me we have to wait for the risk department still.


Now its been 100hours without any replies.


And  total of around 150hours since i first sent in and yet not a single mail from them.


Anyone else got  any experience with them?



+friendly and nice support

+alot of games

+a risky design layout that works very well.

+sistercasino to Casino Cruise.


So far the only downside is this waiting.

Casino cruise is also this slow on verification by experience.

Rest of the casinos i ever played on takes 5min-24 hours so this is a bit extreme.

When a casino claims that they are fast and it takes UP TO 72 hours this long wait doesnt feel okay.


But I guess its a waiting game and so far i acrually enjoyed the casino overall. :)


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Had some of the same problems, but at a different casino, this was at NorgeVegas which is now bethard, this was with a bonus though. 

Had to send in documents, took forever to get an answer, all of a sudden I recieved a mail telling me that the documents were not accepted, these where the same documents that I'd been using on several other casino's without any problems (Unibet, MrGreen, comeon and more)

Sooo the mail didn't say anything about why it wasn't accepted, so I had to contact customer service, sent in new documents just like they told me to do it, but it didn't get accepted. Contacted them again, this time they came up with a whole new excuse that they didn't mention anything about the last time I contacted them, so I took new photos of my documents and sent them in, didn't get accepted this time either, went on like this coming up with new excuses from different people at customer support a few more times before they finally accepted my documents after 2 weeks of discussing with them.

Got my money and never went back.

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They do this to everyone...

Take 72 hours to write back and tell you that your photos are too blurry / small / shiny / ugly :P Then wait another 72 hours to tell you that the new photos you sent in are too blurry/small blah blah . You're lucky they only did it once with you . Then they finally email you saying your withdrawal will be processed within 72 hours like wtf have they been doing so far all this time... it's really stupid but eventually they send the money

Not sure how it works on second withdrawals after verification - apparently they are fast with cashouts but I'm not depositing on there again because of this ridiculous verification scam which is probably just hoping you reverse your withdrawals

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