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Your total deposit/wager/withdrawal on your #1 Casino - Shit gets real!


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So, after almost over a year of non-playing slots I'm back in the game with minor deposits and almost some big withdrawals. I cancelled my account on Leovegas when I felt I spent too much time and money on gambling (= all of my money earned, both from casino and work). So it's nice with a vacay and enjoy streamers. :D

I contacted Leovegas loyalty team to see how much I had spent there over the years and for me it was way more then I had ever anticipated!


Insatt: 142,260 SEK / Deposited ~14,780€
Uttag: 78,300 SEK / Withdraw ~ 8123€
Omsatt(Riktiga pengar & Bonus) 1,201,698 SEK / Wagering (Real money & bonus) ~ 124681€


I have played on many many more casinos, but I played on LV for most of my time. Too be honest, I don't want to know how much _total_ deposit and withdrawal I have made, but perhaps it's good to know someday... :3


Merry X-mas!

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2 hours ago, NudgeShuffle said:

Those figures aren't so bad I think but what does omsatt mean?

2016 has been brutal for me....So brutal I definitely won't be looking at my P/L for a year and abstaining for 2017 :-)

Omsatt = Wagering = How much have I played for total :3 So I've pressed a button and totally generated 123k euros. 

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