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Which streamer are you most like playing style wise?


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I watch quite a few streamers and I asked myself the question - which of them I am the closest to in terms of playing style?

I concluded that my style is probably most similar to Rex Borgensen. Fast. High stakes. Go big or go home.  The only big difference is I aggressively change stakes upwards and my bet sizes can get quite big.

Which player do you most identify with and why?

P.S if this post seems pointless just know I'm waiting for my girlfriend to arrive in a  restaurant and I've just cashed out another £2.3K after a rollerscoaster session so my brain is still very much in gamble mode :-)




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7 hours ago, Patriotic Scot said:

Skylined87, Shaltar, Casinotwitcher and even NickSlots when he first started streaming. Oh yes, Nick used to be a low roller :D anyways I play the same way as them because I enjoy it more and don't tilt as much but we're all different

Aww i'm still a low roller, i just raise before leaving a slot or if i'm about to rip! ;)

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